The goldmembership is a virtual package, giving you access to all VSO products, current and future products, for no additional payments and get free updates for life! Once you have purchased a goldmembership license, we recognize you as a goldmember and you can use any of our products.  Download one by one the products you want to use, and use the individual license keys to unblock each product.  

Already a Goldmember?

If you have purchased a Goldmembership but only have 1 key, generate your other keys for the othe products automatically here. Currently you can unblock CopyToDVD version 4 and Blindwrite version 6 with your Goldmember license key.  The other products require a separate key you can genertate automatically on the link above.
*It is a single user license, you can't share this code with another person and the key is limited for 2 computers (a desktop and a notebook for example).
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comment Holy Toelod, so glad I clicked on this site first! comment
07 ÜÐï 2017
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